'Pride is taking less than you need'


My name is Reece  Bekue, I have been working outdoors for around 5 years, working in areas such as Conservation and land management  and horticulture. I have worked at resorts maintaining the ground and golf courses, and also worked with other property maintenance businesses over the years. I have a real passion for our spectacular surroundings, and I really enjoy working closely with you the customer getting the most out of your property. There is so much more to your property than just trees, dirt, and grass, the soil is made up of thousands of compounds, chemicals minerals and salts, and this is what dictates what type of plants grow where. Have you ever wondered why your good mate John can grow grass and you cant, and you live in the same area? The simple answer is that his soil has something that your lawn is lacking. I will then conduct a soil test, or fertilize your lawn with an even spread of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) to get the PH and mineral balance right in your soil for plants, grass, trees, to grow fast and healthily.


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